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Subject: Re: FLASH: OK?
From: Kenneth C. Sherwood
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 21:55:40 GMT

Lena Björklund wrote:

> Does this piece of work run OK on your platform?
> http://home.swipnet.se/lena_b/idemassd/index.html
> I have made sparingly use of Flash under the red link called "klicka
> här".

My platform is Macintosh G3 266MHz running Netscape Communicator 4.05, with
the Shockwave Flash NP PPC 3.0 r10 plugin already installed.

Overall I really like your crisp clean look, with minimal "flashiness".

My opinions (and a "booger" or two that I've noticed) follow.

The seven yellow circles with words in caps should be positioned
equi-distant from the center circle, and equi-distant (51.4286 degrees)
from each other -- with the fourth circle positioned a 3 o'clock.

Also, they should also make their individual appearances in clockwise
order, starting with PROGRAM.

On ARRANGORER page, color changes of lower large circle aren't smooth, you
probably want more steps in between your transition from gold to red and

On DISKUTERA! page, you might want to open a new browser window when the
viewer clicks on PRATA!, to go to the Om Facklig Idemassa page, as that
page is on a different site . . . makes it easier for the viewer not to get
lost finding their way back to your site.

BOOGER ALERT: On all pages, Mouseovers over the small yellow circles do not
"work" (turn small circle to red) *consistently*.

On all pages, arrows might be better as ---> than as ...>.

*I* would prefer that the six smaller circles on each page be in the same
order on each page (minus the title of the larger circle for that
particular page, of course).


Ken Sherwood

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