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Subject: Re: FLASH: One last question from Newbie tonight
From: Kenneth C. Sherwood
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 02:46:17 GMT

roadrunner wrote:

> Another thing that throws me is when I create an alpha option on a symbol.
> If I make a symbol disappear using alpha I can't see it to select it at the
> point it is invisible. Is there a setting that shows me the symbol? I really
> don't like this user manual that comes with Flash. Maybe as a newcomer I
> shouldn't make such criticism. Is there an etiquette here that I should
> follow?
> Thanks,
> Greg Landry


Since I've been participating in/on this list for a whopping 27 days, after
subscribing and "lurking" for a month or so before that, I'll be happy to take
you under my wing and show you around. Most of what I've learned about this
list I've learned from observation of what others do.

First of all, about subject headers. When starting a new topic, as you've done
here and in your previous post, type "FLASH: " -- that's FLASH in caps, colon,
space -- no quotes -- and then type a concise accurate description of your
topic. In this case, it might have been "FLASH: Show invisible symbols?", and
in the case of your previous post, you could have used "FLASH: Tweening

This way, (1) People know what your post is about without reading it, and (2)
with "FLASH: " as the first word, it's easy for everyone to sort all the Flash
posts in their Inbox, and then do with them what they wish, including perhaps
file them away for future reference. Both (1) and (2) save us all a lot of
time, and with about 45 posts here per day, on average, time saved means a lot.

Secondly, it's common etiquette, in general, when responding to a message, to
only keep all the "old stuff" that's *relevant* to your current message -- snip
out irrelevant stuff, including signatures, sig file material, etc. This saves
bandwidth, and makes reading your post just that much easier.

As far as criticism, it seems okay around here -- you actually only used
criticism to make your point. If it's a valid point, you'll probably not be the
first or only one to have noticed it, and possible workarounds will likely be
offered. If your point is *invalid*, likely one or two folks around here will
point out *why* it's invalid, and you'll learn from that too.

As to the quality of the manual, it's pretty much agreed that it's not
top-notch, and rumor has it that this is an unfortunate pattern with

Finally, as to your "invisible symbols" question, I'm too new to this to help
you with that, but others here can and likely will.


Ken Sherwood

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  FLASH: One last question from Newbie ton, roadrunner

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