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Subject: Re: FLASH: From the newbie: RE Shape Tweening by Ken
From: Kenneth C. Sherwood
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 03:28:06 GMT

roadrunner wrote:

> Ken and all,
> With regards to:
> "p.s. Here's another hint: the only images or objects that can be *shape
> tweened* are those that are drawn with Flash's (rudimentary)
> drawing tools.
> Sigh. (Someone *please* correct me if I'm wrong, but, alas, I
> believe I'm not.)"
> This is what I see in my very short time with Flash 3. Is this "THE"
> difference between the two types of Tweening(shape vrs. motion)?

Seems to be -- shape tweening is for morphing objects *drawn in* Flash; all
other changes -- position, size, rotation, color, etc. -- are done with motion

As regards your headers, I failed to state the contrapositive: when *replying*
to a thread, *don't* change the header -- just let your email editor
automatically slap a "Re: " in front of the header (which it does when you hit
the "Reply" button). That way, all posts in/on the same thread line up together
in your (and our) Inboxes when sorted by subject.

Again, HTH.



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  FLASH: From the newbie: RE Shape Tweeni, roadrunner

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