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Subject: Re: FLASH: Problems with Aftershock
From: John Croteau
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 03:32:17 GMT

Hi Maurice,

> By the way, the URL is www.mediamedia.com
> I normally insert my Flash movies in my HTML pages using the sample code
> supplied by Macromedia. Never had a problem and all seemed to work well
> across multiple browsers.
You can generate basic code using Aftershock that works the same as the
basic sample code, you just have to check the correct boxes.
See my articles and link to MM Tech Notes:

> I thought I'd give the Aftershock application a
> try since it's included in Flash 3 and I'm seeing all sorts of weird
> behaviour across various platforms and browsers. Here is what's
> happening...
I'm not getting Flash with Netscape 3 or 4 using Win 95.

> - Mac IE4 browser won't play the animation, only displays the static GIF image.
If you select the Gif alternative, browsers (such as Mac IE oe IE Win
3.1) that can not detect the plugin with JavaScript will get the Gif
alternate image.

> - Some PC Netscape 3 browsers will not display the movie just the GIF file.
It is best not to put JavaScript inside of Tables because of problems
with Netscape 3. The workaround is to document write the whole table or
table cell.
Also nested tables are a problem for Flash.

Check and make sure you are using Aftershock 2.0 and reorganize the page
without Flash in the table and recreate the page with Aftershock or
basic code.
Sometimes Aftershock generates incorrect code that is fixed just by
redoing it.

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  RE: FLASH: Problems with Aftershock, Maurice Doran

  FLASH: Problems with Aftershock, Maurice Doran

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