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Subject: ADMIN: Welcome back...
From: Sam Michel
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 20:13:55 GMT

Hello All,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you all. It's been a bit of a
hectic time for me (and by extenstion) the mailing list. The mailing list
is now installed in a new home on a spanking new machine which should cope
with the rigours of dealing with the flasher list much better.

In migrating the mailing list to this new platform there have been a few
changes, which probably won't affect the vast majority of you. The list has
moved from Mac-based Macjordomo to a Unix-based box using Majordomo so it
should be a lot more robust. It also means that there will be a few changes
to how the list runs.

Most importantly, the digest version of the list is a separate mailing
list. To get on the digest list, you can either drop me an email at
owneratshocker [dot] com, or if you don't want to wait you need to unsubscribe
yourself from the shockwave list and subscribe to the flasher-digest list e.g.

Send this in the body of an email to: list-manageratshocker [dot] com

unsubscribe flasher youratemail [dot] address
subscribe flasher-digest youratemail [dot] address

You won't forget to change swap your email address for youratemail [dot] address
will you!!?!

Other than that the features of the list remain largely the same, to post
messages to the list, send them to:

flasheratshocker [dot] com

To UNSUBSCRIBE, send the following in the body of an email to:
list-manageratshocker [dot] com

unsubscribe flasher youratemail [dot] address

N.B. Make sure you use the same email address that you originally used to
subscribe to the list with. If you have any problems drop me an email and
I'll do my best to sort it out.

Lastly, but by no means list, please bear with me in the early days of this
change. There are bound to be a few teething problems, and I will endeavour
to sort them out as quickly as I can. Oh yeah, it's probably worth noting
that these changes apply to the shockwave list - apologies for the
duplicate mailing!

A big thank you to Info-com based in York, UK <http://www.info-com.com> for
providing connectivity for the box and not complaining about me bending
their ear on what must have been the most ridiculously simple questions
about configuring a mailing list.

I look forward to reading you all on the list soon...

Toodle Pip

Webmedia Group, 21 Noel St, London, W1V 3RD
T: 0171 494 0812 F: 0171 434 1304 E: samatwebmedia [dot] com
ICQ Pager: 4561042
Webmedia: http://www.webmedia.com
ShockeR: http://www.shocker.com

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