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Subject: Re: FLA size
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:54:20 GMT

Hi Hose,
The incomplete and inconsistant removal of unused objects in the .fla
file is a bug in Flash. Cut and paste is the only sure way to reduce the
.fla file to a minimum. Note, when creating a duplicate .fla file, it is
much easier to cut and paste all the frames and layers at one time, than
to do the individual elements. Start in the top layer at frame one and
highlight all the frames and layers and then right click and copy
frames. Then you can paste everything into a another movie with paste
John Croteau Flash Tech Resource (Tech Notes)
croteauaterols [dot] com (mailto:croteauaterols [dot] com) http://www.FlashCentral.com/tech/

  FLA size, Jose Savio Ponte

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