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Subject: FLASH: Flashpro list
From: msk
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 11:27:36 GMT

After 1 week, the Flashpro mailing list has
75 subscribers now. Most of them came in the
first 24 hours.

It is dedicated to professional Flash users.
There was a discussion about the need of a pro
list some weeks ago here on this list. Some
of the participants of that thread did already
subscribe, but not all.

Macromedia staff and some of the known great
knowledge sharers are on the list yet.

Flash pros subscribe here:
flashpro-requestatmuinar [dot] com (body: subscribe) (mailto:flashpro-requestatmuinar [dot] com?body=subscribe)
or go to http://www.muinar.com/flashpro


Mike S. Krischker
mskatmsk [dot] ch (mailto:mskatmsk [dot] ch)
Owner of the FlashPro list

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