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Subject: FLASH: You don't know Jack...
From: John Doe
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 02:34:29 GMT

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I just want to comment on the
Jack-of-all-trades subject. I am a
webmaster from Malaysia, and still learning new technologies like Flash
and ColdFusion...

What I want to say is I think it is good if you know every working
aspect of what you are doing, because
in the long run it will only benefit you. For instance, you can't be a
manager of anything, unless you
have a working knowledge of how everything is done in your company. Same
goes for the upper echelon of
the management. I am not saying that as a web professional, or someone
who is working for himself, this
is what you should strive to achieve. What I am saying is it is good to
be a Jack-of-all-trades,

Here in Asia, we are taught to be flexible, and even in colleges, we are
taught subjects which seemingly
seem out of context with the subject we're studying. Well, maybe because
I am a trained person in
advertising, we are trained to know everything, the gist of how things
works, but I think it easily
applies to any job you do.

Here in Asia right now it is an employers market, and everybody is
feeling the pinch of an economic
slowdown. You're more valuable to a company if you know how to do

If what you know will gain you an edge over the other, good for you. But
let's not put down people who
isn't a Master-or just not to that level yet...let the people decide. If
they're good, they're good. If
they're not, they'll just fade away into obscurity...

P.S. BTW, anybody really knows how they did the "slick 3d cube site"? I
am dying to know that one...

Aqmal Hadi
aqmalatrqnet [dot] com [dot] my

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59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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  Re: FLASH: You don't know Jack..., David Gary

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