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Subject: Re: FLASH: You don't know Jack...(OT)
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 04:19:00 GMT

Hey Aqmil,

Well, I suppose you can find a job faster if you can do just about
EVERYTHING.... BUT.... Guys who know and do everything don't make near as
much money. It's true in virtually every aspect of business. Specialists
make more money and when the economy goes down they usually have work. It's
true with medicine, the law, construction, etc. I can't think of one job
where specialists don't get paid more. Just the other day I was watching
CNN and they showed this architect who ONLY designed restaraunts. Was he
starving? NOooooooo... in fact he wouldn't begin any project where he
didn't make at least a quarter million bucks. People were flying him all
around the world to design restaraunts.

As for what businesses ask for....
They want you to be 20 years old, work for $20,000 a year, and have 20 years
experience. You might have to go the extra mile to get your foot in the

Once you've got a job knowing seems to become less important to your
employer IMHO. Wherever I've worked I've always been the hardest working
guy around. How much did I make? Almost the same as everyone else. I
never got a decent raise working harder than everyone else. I did however
get a substantial raise every time I quit. What am I talking about? <g>
I've done this 3 or 4 times over my working career. Here is how you get
more money in the real world... in my experience.

Make a demand for money that's just SLIGHTLY higher than what you think they
will pay
They'll give you the runaround, give you a small raise or give you nothing
So you quit
They're SHOCKED!
3 hours to maybe a week later they are on the phone giving in to most if not
all of your demands.

I hate the fact that the world works this way, but.... it just does. If you
want more money don't work harder or learn more. Do that because you love
what you're doing. If you want more money, walk out, hehehe. Now, I can't
comment on how things work in ASIA. As far as the Western world goes I
think this is your best bet if you're a good employee. It hasn't failed me
so far... and now that I work for myself I won't need that bit of wisdom
anymore. Put this to use if you've got status at your work and the courage
to risk your job, hehe.


Al Rosetti

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  RE: FLASH: You don't know Jack...(OT), Christopher J Falvey

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