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Subject: Re: FLASH: Slick 3d cube movies-uploaded!
From: deww
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 05:08:14 GMT

I cant help but thinking uploading material not created by you or your own
business is going to be a problem.
I found it totally ironic that on another list serve today someone asked
about the TotalNews litigation.
I need all the help I can with flash and appreciate the offer made by D.
Votino and the Flash Brothers, but I think about all the trouble in court
that totalnews had, Just for loading other web sites into their own frames.
I am not saying sharing files in this manner is illegal, but it is bound to
piss someone off if you upload his/her swf without their say-so. We should
limit ourselves to uploading our own files. When there is a problem like
the one with i2f.org viewing the pages, I do not think the solution is to
upload the swf files to an ftp server for everyone to dl.
Call me stupid
Call me a cab


the totalnews story links

http://www.ljx.com/internet/complain.html (the complaint)


http://www.courttv.com/library/cyberlaw/totalnew.html (the settlement)

I remember looking at TotalNews before the lawsuit, and as I remember, the
site employed the news providers' logos. They aren't there anymore.
Secondly, the articles from the news providers' sites were framed within
TotalNews. In some cases, that still happens, although it's quite clear that
you're looking at a different site within a TotalNews frame. In other cases,
the site launches a new window.

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