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Subject: Re: FLASH: Slick 3d cube movies-uploaded!
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 06:05:32 GMT

Cheri Harder wrote:

> >I cant help but thinking uploading material not created by you or your own
> business is going to be a problem.<
> Dewwy:
> Hi. So much for being a hero(ine) with my first post! <grin> I can
> certainly see your point, tho. They don't have the "prevent import" set,
> either, although looking at everything all slammed into one layer certainly
> doesn't help MY understanding of Flash! Is the consensus to take it off? I
> think we will have to ask Daniel to do that.

I believe because the author doesnt set the "protect from import" tag or because

swiffing the file gives no editing possibilities, or because some people had
trouble accessing
the site, that it justifies taking someone's work out of your cache and posting
it to an
annomous ftp. I agree with Deww.

Also some sites are simply not designed for frames. Web designers or
"wanna be" designers should always get permission from the author of the site
before setting a hyperlink. The last thing I wana see is some shmuck's horribly
designed banners
and 200k cheap photoshop effect title over a well designed, sleek professional
site, because that shmuck had a link on his mainframe. Having web pages load in
can relate to different author's work which easily infringes on copyright. Im
read about it, but Im sure this was the case in the "total news" story.

Cheri, I believe you made a mistake and if I was Daniel i would delete those
as quick as possible. If people want to rip them from cache, then thats their
decision, but I think Daniel's FTP could be a great help for this list and it's
subscribers. I would hate to see it get a bad name 2 days in the making.

I think we should respect other people's work and always get permission.

> I hope this isn't still sending as attachment! I THINK I got everything set
> ok.... Let me know!

No attachment here.


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