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Subject: FLASH: Jack-of-all, Master-of-few...
From: Aqmal
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:38:39 GMT

Hmm...I guess I riled up a few people with my "Jack" post. Not my
intention, I was only stating the fact that the more you know the better.

>If I need brain surgery, Im gona find the best possible brain surgeon for
the job, not some
>"Jack" that knows a little about all surgeries<

True, but do you know before you become a brain surgeon you need to know
about EVERYTHING on medicine and how the human body works? THEN you
specialise in brain, ortho..whatever.

>If I need a new transmission in my car Im gona go to a transmission shop
where someone who >specializes in transmissions will replace it. Not some
"Jack" at a garage who knows a little >bit of everything about cars.<

Same goes for mechanics...they need to know EVERYTHING about the basic car
before they canspecialise on transmission for a Beemer or a Jag...

>With all due respect John Doe,"Jack" of all trades finish things half-ass.
Not because >they're bad people or dipsh*ts, but if certain things need to
be accomplished, especially >representing a corporation or the identity of
a business on a global network for ALL of >their customers to access,
hiring a "Jack" could be lethal to their promotions or >advertising campains.>

True, but normally these "Jacks" are the MDS and the top echelon
people...ESPECIALLY in an ad agency...they know how EVERYTHING works, but
they specialises in what they do best...but they know what is expected of
their people because THEY did it before.
The moment they know what they can or can't do, then they would get people
who can get it done better. In short, nobody can con you about what they do
if you know a bit of this and that of what they do...that is how Asian
think...besides, it doesn't hurt to know...

>People who hire "Jacks" are usually looking for a "deal" and more than none,
>get what they pay for,..half ass. People who hire specialists, pay a
premium, but are >dealing with someone who knows every aspect of their
profession and they, more than none, >get what they pay for, quality.>

That is true, but I am talking of what people expect of you, not about
telling people that you are a "doitalls" IT IS AN ADDED ADVANTAGE if you
know, better than the person who don't know, but I am talking from an
employers POV, not a professional. If you can only pay a person so much,
would you pick for a person who can do his main job duties, and knows a bit
about word processing, rather than waste time and money to train a person
who don't? I'm talking about the employer's market around here. EVERY added
skills counts.

>Now to address the topic, If I need to uphold the quality of my image
online for all my >potential customers or clients to see especially after
spending thousands on traditional >advertising. Im gona find the best
possible web design firm with specialists that my budget >can afford, not
some "Jack" that knows a little about html, js, photoshop, or Flash.

Of course, we all know that. Who would want to get just any "JACK" of the
street to design a MNC homesite? Certainly not for MY company!

>It all reflects.If everybody in the world was a "Jack", we'd be in big
>If everybody in the world was a master at what they did, then well we all
wouldnt be >supporting the saps that think they're "doitalls".

I think you got my post off tangent. Let me make myself clear(er?)

I am presenting to you a situation upon which i am in. In Asia, a lot of
people who specialises in one skill, is the first one to get off. Most are
being replaced by fresh grads who lack experience, willing to get a
monkey's pay for a donkey's work. Granted, it is damaging to the company to
throw away a pool of talents, and also to the industry, when you are
underpaying your people, resulting in low-morale, less productive and
uninspiring work.

But, it helps if you know skills other than what you're trained for. You
learn about things other than what youre paid to do. Good for good and bad
times - You can't keep yourself ensconced in a shell...and I am just
telling it the way it is. Be good at what you do, but don't be afraid to
try out new things. That is why I put it Jack-of-all-trades,
MASTER-of-few...it is not a trade-off for quality if you take in this kind
of JACK - Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, they're this kind of Jacks...good at what
they do, but not restricted by them...

Oh well, sorry for the long post, I'll try to keep it short in the

P.S. My name is Aqmal. Thank You Very Much.

Aqmal Hadi
aqmalatrqnet [dot] com [dot] my

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