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Subject: FLASH: Tell Target Troubles
From: Malte
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 12:15:43 GMT


I implemented a menu some time ago. It was a simple 12 button menu with some
speech output. Yesterday that client called again and asked for optical
feedback on the menu the visitor is in.

No problem I thought. I created a symbol/instance called inst_sn and added
12 keyframes at 10,20,30... with a graphic for every menupoint and a "stop
action" into the next frame. Frame 0 has a stop action in it.

Afterwards I added some actions to the buttons on my workarea:

On (Release)
GetURL ("blah.html")
Begin Tell Target /inst_sn
GoTo (and Play) Frame 20
End Tell Target
End On

inst_sn stops at frame 0 just as it should but when clicking on a button it
just eg to frame 20 but when clicking on another button it won't switch
inside inst_sn.

What am I doing wrong?


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