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Subject: FLASH: Flash to CD Problem
From: Richard Osterude
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 14:33:31 GMT

Hello to all,
I am having a problem calling a URL from a CD(within flash). I used the
technic shown at http://www.flashlite.net/cd.html to create the bat file which
is called from flash but the problem is that when the movie autoruns from the
cd it does not open the browser when I click on the link, eaven though all
adresses are relative. But if I go to explorer and run the movie and then
click on the link it does open the browser. I know the easyest solution is
running the movie from windows explorer. But I want it to autorun whe I insert
the CD.
If someone can help I'll apreciate it very much.
Once again thanks to all for the useful information on list it has helped me

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