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Subject: FLASH: Appology to Cheri and other newbies
From: Sienna Design
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:25:40 GMT

I feel I owe Cheri an applogy for the "attack" on her uploading the 3D cube
files to the FTP site. I was to harsh in making my point and didn't
realize a lot of people do things to be helpful not realizing the
concequences of their actions.

My family lost millions of dollars to people who did something similar to
what you did (out of being helpful) I'm sure you all are aware of the
computer that gives you 3 chances to put in the correct password and if you
don't, the program keeps the card and you have to call the bank to get it
back. Unfortunatley my father lost that design to people who dissected his
plan and took it to the patent company. My father didn't protect his
product because he, like Nathan, trusted people not to be blatant fools and
steal an idea. He was wrong.

Just because a person didn't protect their work, doesn't mean they wanted
it taken from them. Perhaps the Japanese company who designed that awesome
site didn't know Flash movies could be protected. Perhaps my dad could not
afford the legal costs to protect an idea.. does that give anyone the right
to take an idea just because????

My point is this, if you don't have permission, don't take it. Cheri, I
know you wanted to be a hero and I'm sorry for being harsh on you. I also
jumped to conclusions of your intent on taking the files. I guess I just
wish people understood the damage you can do to someone when you take their
work without permission.

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  Re: FLASH: Slick 3d cube movies-uploaded, Cheri Harder

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