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Subject: RE: FLASH: Gabo - Genius or Clueless?
From: Rick Turoczy
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:31:07 GMT


I hate to jump into this, but ... Yes. I emailed Gabo when he only had
his Geocities site, and I did get a reply. That said . . .

>Just a thought... doesn't anyone else find it strange that NO ONE seems
>know anything about this person? The world of Flashers is not that
big. We
>tend to stick to the same sites, lists (like this one), conventions,
>so isn't it a little weird that no one has a clue?

>A person with the talent that "Gabo" has would be highly respected.
>(Obviously talented, because they learned everything they know about
>on their own in a closet somewhere, apparently). "Gabo's" lack of
>communication and VERY low profile within the industry is bizarre, when
>consider how much interest there is in the work they have done.

I see a great deal of amazing Flash work by people who I have NEVER seen
on any discussion list. The folks at Spumco and the folks at Second
Story come to mind. The folks at Matinee have pretty much disappeared
from discussion. I haven't seen Ralf at Eye4U post for a long time. Even
Elmer of e3direktiv only gets on the lists from time to time.

I don't find it that strange that, if someone is truly busy doing Flash
stuff, they don't log on to the lists. Lord knows I jabber so much
simply because I have free time on my hands. ;)

Take care,

Rick Turoczy
rickatdiversitycorp [dot] com / ICQ#21789721
Discuss ideas with Professional Developers using Flash

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  Re: FLASH: Gabo - Genius or Clueless?, John Croteau

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