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Subject: Re: FLASH: Gabo - Genius or Clueless?
From: Donna Mason
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 19:09:30 GMT

>Just a thought... doesn't anyone else find it strange that NO ONE seems to
>know anything about this person? The world of Flashers is not that big. We
>tend to stick to the same sites, lists (like this one), conventions, etc.
>so isn't it a little wierd that no one has a clue?

That would be *so* nice if it was true, but the world just isn't like
that... I'm presuming that you're American, so if not, sorry - can you name
say 3 flash designers in Britain? I could easily - likewise you could for
your particular area. We can't just presume that we should be in
communication with this guy because we style ourselves at the centre of the

>A person with the talent that "Gabo" has would be highly respected.
>(Obviously talented, because they learned everything they know about Flash
>on their own in a closet somewhere, apparently). "Gabo's" lack of
>communication and VERY low profile within the industry is bizzare, when you
>consider how much interest there is in the work they have done.

Can you be so very sure that he *isn't* reading this list? Maybe he's
shy..? Or just not willing to field a thousand and one questions about his

Just a thought...
Donna Mason

ps. Admittedly I would buy the book if he did write one :)

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