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Subject: Re: Cheri is my hero- was- FLASH: Slick 3d cube movies-uploaded!
From: Matt Powell
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 19:15:28 GMT

>Cheri, I can only hope that you're the designer of the 3D cube site because
>if you aren't than SHAME ON YOU for taking their swf files and putting them
>in the FTP site. Glad it's not my files there.. I would fight you in court
>or go broke trying, just to make a point.
>I won't be posting any of my sites to be reviewed on this discussion group
>now that I know my work won't be respected.

>>>Hi. So much for being a hero(ine) with my first post! <grin> I can
>>>certainly see your point, tho. They don't have the "prevent import" set,
>>>either, although looking at everything all slammed into one layer certainly
>>>doesn't help MY understanding of Flash! Is the consensus to take it off? I
>>>think we will have to ask Daniel to do that.
>>>I hope this isn't still sending as attachment! I THINK I got everything set
>>>ok.... Let me know!
>>>a real newbie

Lighten up buddy,
She didn't intend to "steal" anything. People who couldn't access
the site wanted to, and Cheri tried to help. Now she has thought better of
it and the file is being removed. No harm was intended and the problem is
being corrected, so chill out. There is no need to go around attacking
people. It is not like she claimed it was her on work. As far as posting
sites here for review..... Feel free not to. Is it going to be Cheri's
loss, the lists loss, or yours? If you need no help or criticism, then ask
for none.


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