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Subject: FLASH: Gabo, Gabo, Gabo...
From: Angus, John S.
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 20:01:34 GMT

I think not caring about the rest of the "movement" you're irrevocably
associated with is typical of a true artist. Salvador Dali was invited by a
group of artists whom thought he was much like themselves (can't remember
which group) but he wanted nothing to do with them. Genius status isn't
achieved by engaging in chatter with the rest of the "movement" (though I
won't deny the benefits it) ... it's either natural, or acquired through
self development. A direct reply is welcome - angusjatsaic [dot] com

Mystery theorists,
I'm sorry, but I have to laugh at the theory that he doesn't exist... I'm
not saying your it has no hypothetical merit, so please don't take offense
-- but I just think it's funny because I'm looking at it from his point of
view. Imagine if you saw all this chatter about whether you existed or
not... come on -- you'd laugh too. =)

Everything but this guy's mother's maiden name has been posted to the list
today -- we know he exists ... so let's get back to helping each other.

Cheers ...

(I'd buy his book too!)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jason [SMTP:jayatdct [dot] com]
> Subject: FLASH: Gabo - Genius or Clueless?
> Just a thought... doesn't anyone else find it strange that NO ONE seems to
> know anything about this person? The world of Flashers is not that big.
> We
> tend to stick to the same sites, lists (like this one), conventions, etc.
> so isn't it a little wierd that no one has a clue?
...<omitted> ...
> Gabo is either a creation of someone's imagination, or business person who
> is very bad at taking advantage of the attention and respect he has within
> the industry. Thoughts?
> J

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