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Subject: Re: FLASH: a stupid question
From: David Gary
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 15:53:14 GMT

Jim Curry wrote:

> I usually don't jump into these converstaions, but the Gabo thread has
> been going on for along time now. What brought up the latest frenzy of
> postings? Gabo is very good as well as many others on this list (and
> off). Is it because he is somewhat of a "mystery person" that prompts
> all the talk?
> Sign me:
> Just Curious in Syracuse
> Cheers ;)
> JC
> --

Hiya Jim,

Wheres my Basement?!!

Well, I was gona try to stay outa this one, but I believe it was my one
" Hell, show 'em Gabo's site, he seems to be so good, he cant take on anymore

I was gona stay outa this. Personally Im glad Gabo's so popular, anything to
draw attention
to this technology we are all investing our time and energy in. Otoh, I think
there is alot
of other work out there that deserves the same if not more credit.


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  FLASH: a stupid question, Jim Curry

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