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Subject: Re: Using Others' Artwork (was:FLASH: an email flame from hell WAS - FLASH: a...
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 19:07:29 GMT

i didnt make my comment to justify ANYONES actions! I am saying that i am
overwhelmed by the morals you guys possess but here's my confusion.
If your a good enough person to never use something anyone else made without
proper liscense agreements i applaude you, but couldnt you show some kindness
in your responses when replying to self proclaimed newbies, EVEN if they make
a mistake ? Arent our morals involving human descency more important than our
work ethics?
I said what i said because you guys were flaiming someone who thought she was
helping and even after her apology she is being flamed!
You can have the morals of Ghandi or ethics of a saint but if you cant be kind
to your fellow humans then your missing the point ;(
I digress from my previos statememnt as it was obviously not well thought out
I suppose the fonts would be a better example or maybe sound files?
Sorry to keep this subject alive if even for one more mail

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