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Subject: Re: FLASH: help! on loading movies
From: Yann Poirier
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:54:41 GMT

>i have created a number of movies and would like them to join together.
Good idea...
>i was thinking of using load movie action after each movie ends....
>but 'm not very sure how to use it? could anyone help? or
>do u have any better way of doing it?
>plz help me, a flash beginner.....
first you have to build a movie on that will be on level 0, this one
will give you the background color, FPS and other movie proprieties.
This movie use will be only to load you're first interface or animation
on level 1(level are like layer), be shure to put the action :

if frame loaded
end frame loaed

to make shure that you're movie will start playing once it's loaded.
After that you can load movie on any level. You can replace any movie on
any level by loading a new on on that level.

Well I think's that's all, if you have any other question don't be shy.


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