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Subject: FLASH: Java script and Flash3 problem.
From: Tom Kepinski
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:19:50 GMT


I have a problem with Java script controlling the movie made in Flash 3.


There is a menu system done in Flash3, i.e.:

menu_button_1 - after click will open:

menu_button_2 - after click will open:

If somebody click i.e. "submenu_button_B" the browser will open a new window
with two frames:

1) Flash3-menu with buttons submenu_button_A or B,C,D and message like
"Welcome to submenu B"
2) body with regular HTML text

The Flash3 movie located in first frame has 4 buttons (A,B,C,D) and "welcome
to submenu X" messages dedicated to each button.


I cannot set properly my Java script connecting first main movie with newly
opened window.
It shall open the new window with two frames and run the new movie (with
menu) from specified label (i.e. "Welcome to submenu B").

I think that it shall be done with "TGoto label" command, is it ? (Flash 3)
There are two parameters: "tell target"(?) and label. The label is self
explained but I cant find description of first parameter.

Let me know please:
- am I right to use "TGoto label" ?
- if Not - what command shall I use?

Can you send an example please?

- again: I do not have problems with the html part of new window or
connections between Flash menu and html frame. The only problem is with
opening new window with flash movie run not from beginning but from
specified moment.

Best regards,

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  Re: FLASH: Java script and Flash3 proble, John Croteau

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