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Subject: Re: FLASH: Tell Target Help
From: Jayma
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 02:15:27 GMT

Thanks John.

>To go back to frame 15 the main movie on Level 0 from a Movie on Level

>Tell Target Target: _level0
> Go to and Play Frame: 15
>End Tell Target
>Unload 20

I will try this.

I had all movies in one .fla originally, but there is a very specific reason that they have to be separated.

>Note it is generally better to use Labels and not frame numbers.

Always do. Learned that right off when you have major changes and rearranging, it is the only way to simplify, and make sure the movie continues to run. I only used the frame # reference to help explain my dilemma.

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  FLASH: Tell Target Help, Jayma
  Re: FLASH: Tell Target Help, John Croteau

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