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Subject: Re: FLASH: Opening a separte window
From: Colin Moock
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 18:46:41 GMT

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>2 - I am on a Mac using IE4.01 & NN4.07. Everything looks great to me,
>but how will PC users be presented? Will all specifications set work OK?
should be fine on PC. it was authored on PC and tested quite heavily on Mac
68K, PPC, Win95, 98 and NT. it has also had the benefit of lots of testing
from the flash dev. community's use of it. i try to fix any reported problems
that can be replicated on my posted version.

>3 - Is it worth the extra bells and whistles to put restrictions on my
>viewrs to support java, or should I consider a frames based page to get
>the results I want?
if all you'd be using fscommand for is to pop-up a window, i'd recommend
avoiding it by using the frames approach. why limit your audience if there's
a way to do the same thing safely that supports more users? if you need
fscommand for other things anyway though, the frames approach is probably not


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  Re: FLASH: Opening a separte window, Jason Verburg

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