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Subject: Re: FLASH: arthritis Flash site now working for Explorer too
From: Randy Anthony
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:18:19 GMT

The site looks great.
If I'm understanding this right, your wanting to go back to the last frame of
the movie?
If so, since I don't think you parked your movie, you can do this. On the first
frame, label it startframe, then to go the last frame and label it lastframe
then go back to the first frame and pull up the properties of it, go to action,
hit the + key and then select the "If Frame Is Loaded" and a "GoTo", in the "If
Frame Is Loaded" action, select label in the ratio box, and tell it to watch
for lastframe. In the go to tell it to go to lastframe and stop. That's it. If
that's not totally understandable, E-Mail me and I will send you an example. Or
maybe somebody else can explain it better then I.

"d.l.cheseldine" wrote:

> Could I once again ask anyone who is interested to give an opinion of my
> website aimed at children with arthritis. I have now tested it on
> Navigator and Explorer on both Mac and Windows.
> http://rheumb.bham.ac.uk/kidzone/intro.html
> Also, what is the best way to go back to this page but not to run the whole
> movie, just go to the final frame? Can this be done in Aftershock?
> Thanks in advance
> dave Cheseldine
> --
> David Cheseldine | Email: d [dot] l [dot] cheseldineatbham [dot] ac [dot] uk
> Multimedia Developer |
> Dept of Rheumatology | Tel: +44-121-414-6787
> University of Birmingham | FAX: +44-121-414-6794
> Birmingham B15 2TT UK

Randy Anthony
randyatgbiconstruction [dot] com
Microsoft Site Builder Level 2

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.
--Oscar Wilde

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  FLASH: arthritis Flash site now working , d.l.cheseldine

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