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Subject: Re: FLASH: cartoons on the web
From: Craig Ferrante
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:44:25 GMT

Hi Veronique,

First let me salute you on some great animations and pushing flash to its limits ,the amount of work involved in animated endeavors are truly enormous.Second I agree with you that Flash has many other uses and is surely not limited for web production, it is a great tool for building projects to output to video.As the line between television and the internet grows smaller everyday the use for flash as an entertainment medium grows stronger.I am currently using the Targa 1000 for video output could you tell me what hardware / software you are or plan on using to do this.Just  a suggestion maybe put a small game or something to occupy the viewer while the cartoons download.

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veronique wrote:

So the cartoons I have been animating for the past few months finally
launched yesterday. I was also the technical director for it.
As you will see, the project was completely done in flash.

Tune in and let me know what you think.
It is an enormous project so the suggestion for slow modems is to let the
whole thing download.
Otherwise, no problem.

I want to thank you all. I have not been very active on the list but refer
to it from time to time when I had an issue. I particularly want to thank
John Croteau who helped me at the very beginning of this project when Flash
was new to me.

Also, the good news is that animation studios are looking at Flash as a way
to create animations faster that using traditional cell animation with the
idea to output to TV since Flash can do that. We output our animations to
tape and it looks awesome on a tv monitor. So if you have talent to
animate, think about it.


View Pink Donkey first. It is much more fun than BHappy.
This is the first episode and there are three more to come. They get better
as you go (as I started to use Flash better and better).


  FLASH: cartoons on the web, veronique

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