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Subject: FLASH: cartoons on the web
From: veronique
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 06:04:01 GMT

We have done yet as far as broadcast but if you watch cartoon network, you
will see the tv spot to advertise the website. It is a serie of animations
that were created in Flash.
I output them to quicktime (animation compression). They were then dropped
in After Effects (we use Media 100) and output for broadcast. No sweat.

Yes for the suggestion. I agree that something is missing at the beginning.
This project was so involved that some loose ends need to be reviewed.

Hi Veronique,

First let me salute you on some great animations and pushing flash to its
limits ,the amount of work
involved in animated endeavors are truly enormous.Second I agree with you
that Flash has many other
uses and is surely not limited for web production, it is a great tool for
building projects to output
to video.As the line between television and the internet grows smaller
everyday the use for flash as
an entertainment medium grows stronger.I am currently using the Targa 1000
for video output could you
tell me what hardware / software you are or plan on using to do this.Just
a suggestion maybe put a
small game or something to occupy the viewer while the cartoons download.


veronique wrote:

> So the cartoons I have been animating for the past few months finally
> launched yesterday. I was also the technical director for it.
> As you will see, the project was completely done in flash.


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