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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash: OT - Director -Opening another movie
From: Tom Green
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 19:26:36 GMT

Rebecca Lovelace wrote:

> Aha, I think your problem is you should be going to a .dir file or a .dcr or
> .dxr file, not an executable.

Definitely. The exe is nothing more than a stripped down version of the app
(real simple explanation) and developers usually have the .exe place a call to
the .dir.

> In my Director CDROM projects, I usually have a small movie that is the
> executable file that just goes to the first .dir file. Then the .dir files
> can navigate back and forth amongst themselves.

That is usually called a "stub". This is always an .exe.

> Another tip is that if you don't provide an extension, it will look for all
> the different types. So if it is originally a .dir file, but then you
> decide to make it a Shockwave (.dcr file), it will still find it. For
> example
> go to movie "movie2"
> will look for a .dir, a .dcr, and a .dxr file called movie2 (I forget the
> order it checks, if there are multiple files called movie2 in that
> directory).

You should also check your folder. That error message is guaranteed if there is
no predefined path to the director file or the file being "called" is not in
the same folder as the original movie.

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  RE: FLASH: Flash: OT - Director -Opening, Rebecca Lovelace

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