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Subject: FLASH: help buttons and sounds?related question
From: Krista McLean
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 20:04:42 GMT

Please don't laugh -
I have been fighting with a similar problem all afternoon -
if i have 3 buttons (all with individually triggered audio MC's) should it
not be possible to set up a variable calling for the current frame in the
audio MC? This way if the sound is not finished playing the second will not
start and merge?
I thought i would start with it all a little simpler to see if i could get
this going -
However, I can't get this to work - I am wondering if i am just going in the
wrong direction , or if my lack of actionscript knowledge is holding me
back? Not sure if I need an "else" or what the "else would be...
At this point each button sets all others but itself back to frame 1, but i
don't want them to overlap - sound 1 playing over sound 1 if the button is
pressed twice, also don't want a second button push to start the audio again
from the 1st frame -

at this point each button has something like this - anyone with an
explanation of where i am going wrong?

On (Press)
Begin Tell Target ("/sound1")
Set Variable: x = _currentframe
End Tell Target
Begin Tell Target ("/sound3")
Go to and Stop (1)
End Tell Target
Begin Tell Target ("/sound2")
Go to and Stop (1)
End Tell Target
If ( /sound1:x < 1)
Begin Tell Target ("/sound1")
Go to and Play (2)
End Tell Target
End If
End On


>A simpler scheme but not quite the effect you described is that when each
>button is pressed it has a Stop All Sounds action and also uses TellTarget
>to play a movie clip that contains the associated sound starting in that
>movie clip's second or third frame. But this won't let each sound finish --
>it will clip the sounds if buttons are pressed in rapid succession.
>Marc Hoffman

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  Re: FLASH: help buttons and sounds?relat, Karin Christensen

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