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Subject: Re: FLASH: help buttons and sounds?related question
From: Karin Christensen
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 21:31:32 GMT

This might work. Have each sound in a movie clip in successive frames
on the timeline. So say you have three mcs in three successive
keyframes on the main time line, mc "sound1" is in keyframe 1,
"sound2" in keyframe 2, and "sound3" in keyframe 3, with a stop
action in each keyframe. In each of the 3 keyframes in the main time
line have your three buttons, however in keyframe 1, give buttons 2
and 3 a graphic behavior instead of a button behavior, or do not use a
mouse event action for them, have button 1 telltarget mc "sound1" to
play. In keyframe 2, have button 2 active, but not 1 and 3, similar
for keyframe 3. You could have the inactive buttons lighter or grayed
out to show they aren't active. Then put a tell target action in the
last frame of mc "sound1", to have the main timeline go to frame 2.
That way, buttons 2 and 3 won't be active until the sound has
finished. Then button 2 will be active, and at the end of mc sound2,
tell target the main timeline to go to frame 3 where only button 3 is
active. mc "sound3 could telltarget back to frame 1. This would only
work if the sounds are played in order, though.
Hope this makes sense.

> Please don't laugh -
> I have been fighting with a similar problem all afternoon -
> if i have 3 buttons (all with individually triggered audio MC's)
should it
> not be possible to set up a variable calling for the current frame
in the
> audio MC? This way if the sound is not finished playing the second
will not
> start and merge?

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  FLASH: help buttons and sounds?related q, Krista McLean

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