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Subject: FLASH: Re: site d4v3 (no subject)
From: Willem van den Goorbergh
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 22:15:53 GMT

>i put up my first flash portfolio.
>8 exsamples of actionscripting !!
>sum ideas are stolen...but code is by myself...
>take a look: www.optixx.de/flash

Hi David,
Loaded well on a mac NC 4.7
I checked a few items and all rendered a 'response' It's difficult
though to evaluate if this response is te one you wanted, as the
whole thing seems to be technique centered without any meaning
(information) behind it.
Maybe some verbal explanation would help ("when you do this, that
happens. It was accomplished by employing ...)
The techniques you use are beyond my expertise so I'm impressed
anyway, but as a casual viewer I have some points that annoyed me:
- I didn't like the way your site took over my browser by resizing
and popping up windows. I suggest you leave one full size fully
functional window open and load the 'child windows fixed size and
- I really had a hard time hitting the bottons in the main
(starting) window.
After a few tries I was happy just to hit any one of them, instead of
really choosing where to go. (That's also the reason why I didn't see
all of your portfolio)
To me rule one of web design is: facilitate your visitor, don't
confront him with needless hurdles.
- When I closed a 'child' window the main movie stopped and reloaded.

Finally, when you ask for a site review on the list attach a
(recognizable) subject line. Only because there was not much traffic
this weekend you request didn't end up in my trash bin unread. (also
because you reviewed my site of course ;-))

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