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Subject: Re: FLASH: SITE CHECK please-Thanx
From: Pascal Brun
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 13:37:49 GMT

Hi all

thanks a lot for your feedback .. I really do appreciate it. This list ROCKS!
A few comments to the different feedbacks:
Ted: What do you mean by a "Drag" hint?..I put a help button that should be
self-explainable for the scrollbar...
Mary: Thanks..but should there be any problems with email buttons?
Caroline: the white square is a result of the LoadMovie action because I didn't
want to start with a preloader..any tip to avoid it?
Ken: Thanks for the constructive critisisme..what's wrong with the background
in Navigator 4.08? How would you solve the
50 seconds of boring waiting? The size of my swf is 600 x450pix.. apparantely
too big?!
Tom: I appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE critisisme but I do *not" really understand your
comment: What do you mean by a "Aren't I clever!" Flash site."? I have almost
no programming experience and Flash is the first time ever I was confronted by
scripting (and there sure ain't a lot of it in my swf :-))

Thanx again to all

Mit freundlichen Grssen

Pascal Brun
Fly Art D-sign
Bachlettenstrasse 70
CH-4054 Basel-Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 283 20 83
Fax +41 61 283 20 84
Mobile +41 79 320 82 90
brunatflyart [dot] ch (mailto:brunatflyart [dot] ch)
visit: -->http://www.dnax.net<--

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