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Subject: Re: FLASH:SITE CHECK -for Ken and Pascal
From: Darren Critchley
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 02:54:11 GMT

Tom Green wrote:

> My assessment? Lot's of technique but no content. These are the sites that everyone
> seems to think are oh so cool and trés chic. They aren't and I am really getting
> tired of people "fawning" over the developers. They are nothing more than a Flash
> artist showing the world how clever he or she is and sacrificing the client's needs
> and expectations for accolades. Balancing technique with content is an art and you
> would do well to study how such sites as etalent .com or even hillmancurtis achieve
> that balance with great success.

Well, give this site a try, www.karadon.com . This is a site that uses flash for
navigation, but HTML for content. Also the "spheres" in the background were the
client's idea, I wanted a solid color.


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