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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check: NASSMC--THANKS!
From: Hal Medrano
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 20:02:51 GMT

>From: "Hal Medrano" <hmedranatuswest [dot] com>
>>Hi folks,
>>Flash/HTML hybrid site with an unusual interface. Please bang on it and
>>let me know what you think (you can email me offlist or onlist, as you
>>like). Any bugs, design critiques, general opinions appreciated.

Hi folks,

Well, it's great to come in Monday morning and have all these comments to
read (even Ken's!!).

As Cheri pointed out, the site is a complex frameset with HTML in the
middle. The reason we did this is we found Flash to be less than efficient
for text-heavy sites--both for display and updating--than HTML. The
frameset posed enormous probs though--couldn't get the frames to line up
correctly--so we ended up having to sniff the browser, change frame
dimensions depending on what the user is using, and put the whole thing
into a crippled window. The frameset was the biggest technical challenge
of the site.

As for the intro, our tests here showed that content was beginning to
stream in at 56k. within a few seconds, thus no need to put any major work
into a preloader. But if it takes a full 100 seconds, as it did for Ken,
then I agree we need to do something more "seamless". And if I was lazy or
had contempt for my audience, I wouldn't have asked all of you to test this
for us! So thanks-- from one hard-working, considerate, lovey-dovey
Flasher to another (and Happy Valentines, besides!).

Thanks for all your comments Marc, Chris (I'll check on the server errors),
"Smoothy", Ken, Rick, Cheri, and Tom. They're much appreciated.


Hal Medrano
New Media Group
U S WEST Creative Services

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