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Subject: FLASH: RE: OT: Convincing people of Flash
From: liam
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 17:02:59 GMT

Michael Galvin wrote:

So I redesigned the corporate website on my own time, and without informing
the company. They'd only just changed the site recently, and would not have
gone for changing it again so soon. However, like most Irish companies, our
website seems to be stuc
in the early 90s.

So I used Flash4 and the existing content to make it look more exciting. I
showed it to the marketing manager, who spent most of the last month looking
at our competitors' websites to see how we're doing.


I think the first site I would show to your boss would be the www.eircom.ie
site (same company right?). this has a good flash home page. There's nothing
like a bit of inter-departmental competition to get thing moving. After that
you could show him how much things are moving forward in an Irish context -
re Flash development.

Just my IR 2 pence worth!!

Best of luck,


Liam Fitzgerald

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