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Subject: RE: FLASH: Main Shockwave download page...
From: Jeremy Pinkham
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 21:14:02 GMT

JD of MM, you wrote:

"if you go to the full Shockwave/Flash page then the 'Need a different web
player?' link brings you to the r28 Flash standalone installer too."

Except, of course, the users we're trying to reach don't know about the bug,
and so wouldn't know they "need a different player." I'm worried about what
the majority of folks are downloading and experiencing each day, rather than
the subtle options available to me and my fellow cognocenti.

"Summary: The Flash r28 players are up, but the Shockwave installers need to
be reworked to include the r25 Flash players."

That's what I thought. My main concern was that Brad's e-mail implied that
I would find the latest Flash player on the main Shockwave download page
last week, as he explicitly referenced that URL. Since it wasn't there, and
the latest release of Flash Player was three versions newer than the one on
that page, I became worried that perhaps a decision had been made not to
update the main Shockwave installer.

Thanks for your speedy reply and reassurance that the update will indeed


Jeremy Pinkham
Multimedia Developer
Zydigo Technologies

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