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Subject: RE: FLASH: Bitmaps Jump
From: Pete Grant
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 22:53:11 GMT

> I believe the best answer to this is that the background image should
> overlap the stage boundaries, and then use the inspector to align
> overlapping/on top things by the numbers. You would have your base image
> origination set to -1,-1, and have it bigger than the entire stage in at
> least one dimension. If you play with the base image in Photoshop, and
> arrange your cutouts over the base in layers (in Photoshop), you can see
> their coords. Use these coords for aligning things in Flash. Or just do it
> by eye (not as reliable) in Flash, as long as the base overlaps the stage.
> It's a weird Flash bug. Anyway - that works for me. It's really depressing
> to see that happen until you come up with this hack fix. It's kind of lame
> on the part of Macromedia to leave us with this one.

Thanks. That helps a bunch. It still doesn't solve it entirely--they still
jump around just not as much--but I think it's finally in the acceptable
range. Whew! I'm glad the next project is vector from the ground up. I feel
kind of ground up myself. Thanks again.

Best regards,


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  RE: FLASH: Bitmaps Jump, Conlon, Matthew

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