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Subject: FLASH: Erasing bad Habits, so to speak...
From: Korhel Shawn
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 16:21:14 GMT

I have a quick question on which direction to take in re-learning a more
'streamlined' use of Flash 4..

First, let me digress, for clarity..
I began using Flash when it was Flash 2 and in using that version I started
with creating animated layers upon layers targeting scenes upon scenes.. As
everyone knows this is horrible in file size and it is very tedious.. What
I'm looking for now is a swift redirection in habit.. I'm finding myself
goin through the same motions and not able to integrate the new techniques..
I believe this behaviour (in direct contradiction to most behavorist
theories) can be changed and even erradicated but, I'm having a hard time
figuring out where to begin (i.e. what tutorials and books to use).. As per
usual I'm being timed (er have a time limit on the learning curve) and I'm
totally and completely ready to deprive myself of sleep to accomplish this

Can anyone give me a little advice as to where to begin relearning better
habits in Flash (i.e. Action Scripting, variables, MC's etc.)

Also, I'll proactively apologize if this question is like recreating the
wheel for some of you..

Anything is appreciated... Even a Lashing, Ken



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