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Subject: FLASH: OT:Personal Web Server
From: John Cocktosten
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:04:27 GMT

I am trying to incorporate ASP with Flash and I am practicing using Personal
Web Server and my Win98 box. The problem is that PWS only allows me to
execute one page without hanging, the second time I try to execute a page,
it just hangs and I end up having to reboot my machine in order to execute
another ASP page. This only happens when I am opening a connection to a DB.
I can use PWS without problems for as long as I like until I open a
connection to the data source.

I am using an Access DB with an OLE-DB connection. I am having the same
problem when I use an ODBC connection though. Has anyone encountered a
similar problem with PWS?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion and sorry for the slight OT.
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