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Subject: FLASH: OT Knowledge Base
From: Michael Dunn
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:23:11 GMT

Okay, here's something that I've been trying to figure out for some time now,
maybe something that'll help newbies out there too.

I'm relatively new to the whole interactive media world. I've dabbled in Flash
(mostly basics, some tell target, fs commands, very little actionscripting); I
took a basic HTML class two years ago and I'm currently taking a Director/Lingo
class. I'm a full-time graphic designer and don't have the time/money/resources
to take lots of classes and can only learn so much at a time. I'd really like to
get into interactive design full-time, but there are so many options (flash,
dreamweaver, director, javascript, ASP, HTML, DHTML, Generator, C, perl, CF...)
where should I start? What is the most logical progression? Branden had said he
knew javascript and applied that to actionscript, so maybe I should focus on
javascript before venturing deeper into flash? See what I'm getting at?? My goal
is to be able to get a job at a decent firm doing interactive work.

Okay, in short: what is the logical progression of learning languages/programs
for interactive/multimedia design? What are the best books/sites/resources for
learning these skills? And what skills are most important/valuable when looking
for a job?

Thanks to all!!

Michael Dunn
The Merica Agency
v 702 947-7777
f 702 386-9231

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