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Subject: FLASH: BOOKSEARCH - problems with Flash4 Magic . . .
From: Daniel Hart
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:16:01 GMT


I have worked hard on looking into the Bookfinder tutorial in Flash4 Magic.
This is a text field, with a search button that can be put on any web page
which will automatically take the data in the field and bring it to the
Barnes and Noble site, just as it would on the site itself. I thought this
could be used with banner advertising to great effect.

Now, there are two problems -

1) The tutorial doesn't seem to work anymore, although it did about a
fortnight ago. Perhaps Barnes and Noble have changed their search method?
2) I am trying to adapt it to the basic search facility on
www.21street.com - I am having trouble. The Send Using facility has been set
to GET rather than POST, and the GetURL is now
http://www.21store.com/search_results.ihtml with no variable. The text field
has been set to variable "userInput".

What am I doing wrong?! Is there any way of solving this problem?

go to www.djh-graphics.com/panlogic/popup/search3.html
Flash file is www.djh-graphics.com/panlogic/popup/search3.fla

many thanks,
Daniel Hart
graphic designer
web: www.djh-graphics.com
tel: (01865) 751426
mobile: 07931 239011

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