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Subject: FLASH: conflicting button actions -- please help
From: Neil Weinberg
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 20:52:27 GMT


I'm relatively new to flash and I have a problem that I'm hoping a veteran
flasher can help me out with. Here goes:

I've created a button which starts an instance of an mc at frame 2(labeled
"mouse-over") when you mouse over it and goes until frame 38 where there is
a stop action. I put in the following If clause to prevent the mouse out
action from starting before the mouse over action is finished. The problem
is that now, if you mouse out before the mouse over event finishes, the
mouse-out action never starts.

Here's the action script I'm using:

On (Roll Over)
Begin Tell Target ("/in")
Go to and Play ("mouse-over")
End Tell Target
End On
On (Roll Out)
Begin Tell Target ("/in")
If (_currentframe > 37)
Go to and Play ("mouse-out")
End If
End Tell Target
End On

***I need to know if there is a way to say something like:
"If (_currentframe<=37) wait until (_currentframe>37) and then Go to and
Is there a 'wait until' sort of command?

I'm probably as poor at explaining flash as I am at building it, so I've
posted the problem .swf if you want to take a look.
It's at : http://www.ineil.com/problem.html

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you can offer!

Neil Weinberg
nweinbergatmediaone [dot] net

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