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Subject: RE: FLASH: John Croteau's Book ???
From: unique
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 05:49:56 GMT

From: "Michael J. Weldon" <mjwbatix [dot] netcom [dot] com>

>First, Let me humbly apologize to you that it clearly escaped my attention
>that your response to my "on-list" posting was directly to me "off-list".

People responding "off-list" (personal email) to a post should change
the subject header in order to avoid mistakes such as this.

And Michael, no offense, but please trim your posts of the excess
stuff at the bottom.


Ken Sherwood


"Adobe, who has deeper pockets than Macromedia, has announced a Flash
competitor. Will Macromedia survive?"

-- hwg-theory list contributor, 2000.02.12

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  RE: FLASH: John Croteau's Book ???, Michael J. Weldon

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