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Subject: Re: FLASH: ADVICE
From: Jefferis
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:18:38 GMT

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:57:14 -0500, "Gonzalez, Manuel (MCG) - CPC"
<MCGatNA2 [dot] US [dot] ML [dot] COM> wrote:

You're cooked. You may be able to compress the sounds by making them
sound worse. Are you using Flash 4 and using MP3 compression? {Make sure
you select MP3 for each of the sounds' defaults in the library!}

Other than redrawing all the gifs as flash vectors, I don't see any other
way of saving size...

>Hello all,
>I need some advice from some knowledgeable freelancers/designers. I have a
>client who came to me to optimize and program their Flash presentation.. I
>took on the work.....Well here comes the drawback the file contains 30 gif
>images each with a size of 141.kb around 14kb when compressed by Flash. Not
>only that they have included 6 sound tracks which ring in about 606KB
>Compressed...with all this KB nonsense I now have a file at 1.3 mb---which
>is suppose to go live tommorow.....I've tried to figure out a method to
>stream the info in but the Gifs are located in mc in 6 different scenes, and
>all scenes need to be loaded due to speculation of navigation. Now what
>would you kowledgable people due?
>Manuel Gonzalez

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