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Subject: RE: FLASH: goto and play
From: Crystal Martin
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 15:30:05 GMT

sorry, the
Begin Tell Target ("_level0")
Go to and Play ("play_shape")
End Tell Target
is in a button in a movie embedded in the base movie

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> From: Crystal Martin [SMTP:crystal [dot] martinatprintsoft [dot] com]
> Sent: 25 February 2000 15:56
> To: 'flasheratchinwag [dot] com'
> Subject: FLASH: goto and play
> Hi,
> I've been working on the Webmonkey Advanced on line tutorial and
> I've hit a bit of a snag. I have a the following commands:
> Begin Tell Target ("_level0")
> Go to and Play ("play_shape")
> End Tell Target
> in a button embedded in the base movie.
> The first frame of the movie has a "stop" command, and when you
> click the button, it has no problem moving to the correct frame and
> playing; however, once it has finished playing and it is sitting in
> the
> last frame (also with a stop command), if you click the button again,
> instead of going to the designated frame and playing, it goes to the
> frame and stops. I have tried putting a "play" command in the second
> frame of the base movie in case the "stop" command from the first
> frame
> was the cause, but this does not seem to help. I'm sure that I am
> missing
> something very obvious here, but I just can't seem to see it.
> Any help for this rather mundane question would save me a load of hair
> (as I'm currently pulling it out by the roots!)
> Thanks!
> Crystal

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