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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Interactivity in Quicktime Movies
From: Michael Penne
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 16:53:49 GMT

Vecta and Illustrate both output unshaded,
shadow-less, untextured scenes (not small,
either). Fi, I have some examples of various 3d
formats at
Note that the QTs are much more efficient at
displaying complex 3d (shading/textures/etc.)
than flash/vecta. For the project you describe,
I'd suggest an interactive QTVR with VR Toolbox
(vrtoolbox.com) you can get pretty close to F3
interactivity + much better (photoreal) graphics.
If you need more interactive depth, than
Livestage (totallyhip.com) can add full Qscript

Another, though less well supported (plug-in
wise) solution is one of the web 3D packages.
Cortona VRML has some very nice examples of
walkthroughs, though for interactive depth I'd
suggest Hypercosm, Shout3d, or Cult3D (in


(shout is slow, but does not require a plug-in;

--- Matt Coyne <mattatthreezero [dot] co [dot] uk> wrote:
> mornin' [uk]

> i am into the idea of using it for an
> interactive walkthrough of a 3d
> environment with menu items and other
> interactivity at specific
> points along the pre-rendered routes to pull up
> more info etc.
> i have created quick examples of jumping to
> different frames from
> button instances but not gone any further with
> it and before i start
> suggesting this to the client has anyone got
> any experiences of this
> method of creation.
> or alternatively what's the scoop on outputting
> vector 3d
> walkthrough's from MAX using Illustrate or
> Vectas 3d. Can it compare
> in quality to video renders...?
> I would appreciate any feedback you can give
> matt

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