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Subject: Re: FLASH: Getting Into Interactive Flash Projects
From: Hal Medrano
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 17:57:15 GMT

>Up to this point, I've mainly been developing websites in Flash that are
>"presentation" style projects.. I would very like to start getting into
>developing interactivity/games in Flash? Where is the best place to start?
>Are there any good tutorials/lessons/etc. out there? Good books?
>Also, what's available as far as database integration with Flash? Thanks
>for all your help..
>Mathew Smith
>matsmithatlogicsouth [dot] com
>803.343.9539 pgr/voicemail

Hi Matthew,

As far as books are concerned, check out Flash 4 Magic:


The only book I can think of which is written specifically for intermediate
Flash users and above; an excellent actionscript primer.

You can integrate Flash4 with databases or use Generator. Info about both
can be found at several useful Flash sites on the web. Just to start:

http://www.flashgen.com/html/flashgen.html (Generator)
http://www.were-here.com/ (discussion forums -- good place to ask questions)

In general, I've found web resources to be better than books, but Flash 4
Magic really is great, and given the quality of the authors, I expect the
Flash 4 Bible:


will be very good as well.

Good luck, Matthew.


Hal Medrano
New Media Group
U S WEST Creative Services

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  FLASH: Getting Into Interactive Flash Pr, Mathew Smith

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