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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flsh 2 and 3 Plugins
From: unique
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 21:08:43 GMT

From: jdowdellatmacromedia [dot] com (John Dowdell)

>At 8:25 AM 2/25/0, Tewesathbg [dot] dpa [dot] de wrote:
> > Is there any place where I can get the Flash 3 and 2 Plugins for testing??
>I don't see a repository for all the various versions on all the various
>platforms and packagings (as plugin, as control, etc), but for what it's
>worth you can save out from the Macromedia Flash 4 authoring environment in
>SWF 2 or SWF 3 format. This will strip out newer features, and the current
>Flash 4 Players will treat this as an older file.
>(If you're instead attempting to test JavaScript version detection in the
>Netscape 3+ browsers, then there are various tested scripting examples in
>the online repositories. The Microsoft browsers do not support this
>ability, though.)


This request has come up before.

Can't you (yes, you, JD!) get us an archive of old Flash plugins?

We REALLY NEED them, for proper testing. No other way to do it THOROUGHLY.

Or do you disagree?


Ken Sherwood


"Adobe, who has deeper pockets than Macromedia, has announced a Flash
competitor. Will Macromedia survive?"

-- hwg-theory list contributor, 2000.02.12

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  Re: FLASH: Flsh 2 and 3 Plugins, John Dowdell

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