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Subject: Re: FLASH: ANN: Flash to handhelds
From: RedStar
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 23:19:43 GMT

John D.,

Thanks for the link.
John is quite right when he talks about new opportunities and just to
bring some focus to this let's see a bit of what is arriving and why
Macromedia is going in the right direction on this one.
GSM networks are undergoing a big revolution. The gradual switch from
circuit switched connections to packet data services like GPRS
represents a major change in what can be done. At the same time the
redefinition of the base OS and the movement towards real-time
multithreading OS's like EPOCH will allow new more powerful devices to
appear. Ericsson's R380 is one good example.
In another front WAP is growing quickly and has clearly shown it's
potential derived not only from being an open spec but also by the way
it has managed to adapt quickly to changes and improvements in the
underlying technologies.
Add to this the geo-location capabilities of the cellular wireless
networks and one doesn't have to think to hard to see a whole range of
new services that can gain from being location dependent. These
geo-location capabilities are, due to various reasons, generally
justified under emergency services requirements, in fact so good that
they can pinpoint your exact location with a resolution error under 10
Also don't forget that the devices are, due to their nature, permanently
online so push technologies are in a fertile ground, and this is another
reason for the importance in changing to packet switched connections,
this way the user is only charged for data he transmits and or receives
and not for duration of calls.
Even further along the road (2002/2004) we will have 3G networks with
2megabit bandwidth making video conferencing and video streaming
If all this doesn't seem enough then just add Bluetooth that enables
short range wireless communication between devices allowing for
'two-box' type of solutions.
All this represents a potential increase in content demand that I think
will be very big.
This content even if the bandwidth is available should be lightweight,
the consumer will pay on 'volume' of data, stream well and be able to
convey information in a quick and efficient way. Flash can claim a good
stake in this arena and with Macromedia actively defending Flash and
positioning it in this market we will all win.


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  FLASH: ANN: Flash to handhelds, John Dowdell

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